Feeling like you're repeating the same patterns over and over again? Can't seem to make meaningful connections? In our go-go society, many of us struggle to find our true desires, but often lack the skill set to determine what we truly need. Anxiety, depression, and a feelings of emptiness can impede our insight to the answers we already hold, waiting to be uncovered.

If you are looking for answers to pressing problems or need supportive guidance to change negative patterns, I can assist you through this process and help enact positive change in your life.

I believe the past informs the present. Although we desire quick fixes and simple solutions, sometimes we have to take a risk, slow down, and truly connect with what was...so that we can now choose what will be.

Do I have to commit right away? How do I know we can work together?
I provide new potential clients with a free consultation appointment to ascertain whether I can assist you with your journey. No pressure, no obligation.